the first month

It is almost a month ago that I started my new job.

First things first- I tried to organise my office, so I can find my files… with a lot of help of my great collegues! The result…


I am trying to learn about Tanzanian hospital regulations, Tanzanian taxation and payment systems and so on. I never thought that I would have to deal with numbers or really had to learn about laws and regulations,… I guess I was wrong. Figures and tables with calculations- they seem to be all over. Although I like my job, I do miss my job as a nurse, so during my breaks I go in to the wards and just here and there assist the nurses with some procedures… (My nursing uniform is always in the office, just in caseJ)

I met already several people, some just come into the office and introduce themselves, others come into the office and are still asking where the hospital administrator is… When I tell them that I am the new administrator they take a small pauze after being surprised.

I visited 5 out of the 6 dispensaries spread throughout Arusha Region. Most of these facilities are poorly equipped at the moment, have a shortage of drugs and staff and are therefore rendering very poor services. A lot of work to be done.

But during the past weeks I had several positive meetings with District and Regional Officers, I contacted current donors and I am working hard on trying to find more donors/partnerships for this hospital.

To be continued….




2 thoughts on “the first month


    Thank you very much Tanya 4 keeping posted. Warm kisses Marie

  2. Lorenzo

    Great work!!!! Good luck!!! 🙂

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